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We produce stable products that do not require sealers. Exterior sealer use in Arizona is good for a few years at best. Western and Southern walls require re-sealing twice as often. We do recommend a Dunn Edwards masonry sealer "Okon II". Detail your new adobe home by vigorously cleaning off any slag mortar with a deck brush. Hopefully the masons used a piece of carpet to clean up and rub down as they went. If so your next step should be easy.

With the deck brushing complete, decide weather to acid wash or not. Acid washing can be done after construction to remove white film left on the brick face during adobe curing / production. The deposit of white material varies with the climactic conditions during production from very light film to substantial efflorescence. Some prefer the varied adobe brick shades while other people want a more uniform darker brown adobe wall rendered with an acid wash.

To acid wash a wall simply wet the wall and spray on a muriatic acid and water solution and rinse immediately. The acid works quickly to remove all white efflorescence. Mix 3 parts water and one part Muriatic Acid and apply it with a Hudson Garden pump up sprayer. Once we're cleaned up it's time for a sealer if you're so inclined.

Almost any good masonry sealer will work with our material that soaks up liquids. Try them first to see the visual effect on finished walls. Some sealers can leave a shiney appearance. After sealing, plastering becomes difficult because adhesion is basically impossible on a sealed surface. Sealing may be a good idea in very cold climates where severe freezing after rain could cause massive spalling of the wall. We have sold into many cold areas and have yet to receive a bad report. Check you sealers with a water hose, when the walls need re-sealing, they'll turn dark brown when you hose them down.


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